| Buscareto | Lacrima di Morro d’Alba | 2013 |

We came across this wine at our local Eataly in Chicago. Lacrima di Morro d’Alba is a red wine that’s produced in the province of Ancona, in Marche, Italy and is made of at least 85% Lacrima grape.  Lacrima is a rare grape that’s low in tannins and creates wines that are best drunk young.
This wine is bold, dry, smooth, has almost no tannins, high acidity, that’s toned down with bursts of rose petals and herbal notes.
Be sure to decant it first! It’s a bit hollow right out of the bottle.
Appearance: Dark, opaque purple
Nose: Roses, violets, potpourri
Taste: Full bodied wine. Medium acid, firm, but soft tannins. Rose petals and purple flowers.
Composition: At least 85% Lacrima grapes
Origin: Marche, Italy
Price: $20-28
Pair with: lamb rack with rosemary and garlic, steak, venison, roasted duck breast, dark chocolate dessert

Lacrima Wine

Lacrima is a dark-skinned grape variety from Italy’s Marche region and is used almost exclusively in the Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC wines.

Image result for lacrima grapes
The grapes have a tendency to rupture easily, which causes the juice to drip (or weep) out of the grapes, which might be why Lacrima means teardrop in Italian (other sources say the grape clusters look like tear drops).

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