Mumm Napa | Brut Rose

Mumm Napa | Brut Rose | Perfect for the summer

It’s summer time, it’s hot, and it’s time to pop the bubbles! What better way to turn up the fun than with a Mumm Napa Brut Rose Sparking Wine? This festive and luscious wine is perfect for any sunny day. We certainty loved having ours on a boat! The 80% Pinot Noir provides the dominate red fruit notes and the Chardonnay provides power and structure. 
Appearance: Light pink, almost salmon color
Nose: Floral strawberry and cream aromas
Taste: Creamy and sparkly mouthfeel, medium-bodied with notes of black cherry, strawberry, graham cracker, minerality, and a crisp finish.
Composition: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay
Origin: Napa, California, USA
Price: $24
Notes: While this wine retails for $24, you can often find it on discount for under $20! 
Mumm Napa Winery
Method Traditionelle
Brut Rosé grapes are harvested by hand during the cool morning hours to ensure they arrive at the winery in pristine condition. Fermentation is conducted at cool temperatures, mainly in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and fruit intensity. A few selected lots are aged in French oak barrels to add depth, complexity and spiciness to the final blend. A small amount of red Pinot Noir is added to the blend before bottling to create the beautiful pink coral color. An average of 18 months’ yeast aging adds complexity, contributing subtle bread dough flavors and layers of creaminess. The wine is then disgorged and a dosage added back to balance the wine’s acidity. The dosage includes a Pinot Noir fermented in traditional Burgundian fashion, which contributes an extra measure of depth, color and robust fruitiness.

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