Mer Soleil | Chardonnay | Santa Barbara Reserve

Mer Soleil Chardonnay | Santa Barbara Reserve | 2014

Mer Soleil Santa Barbara Reserve Chardonnay

Apple, Citrus, Honeydew, Butter – each a delicious component of Chardonnays but the trick is combining them together so it dances on the palate. Mer Soleil (part of the Caymus family) does so excellently.

We had the Reserve from Santa Barbara, where Mer Soleil first planted Chardonnay grapes in 1988. Because Santa Barbara is warmer than San Lucia (where the other Reserve comes from), these grapes are picked slightly earlier, which contributes to its bright acidity and crispness.


Appearance: Honey color, medium body
Nose: Ripe apples, peaches
Taste: Green apple, nectarine, luscious texture, bright acidity, vibrant structure, and ever so slight hint of vanilla and baking spice.
Origin: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Price: $28
Food Pairing: Picnic food! This wine really elevates a traditional picnic and brings in some substance.
Rating: 93/100
Notes: Let this wine warm up a bit after you take it straight out of the fridge. It tastes best when served a bit below room temperature.

We started off our picnic with some cocktails. 

Cocktail Recipe: 2 parts tequila, 1 part Campari, 1 part sparkling pink grapefruit Italian soda.

Homemade Italian Sandwiches

Food Pairing: Italian Sandwiches and Roasted Brussels sprouts

If you live near an Eataly, we highly recommend stopping by to pick up some very fresh, ingredients for your Italian food. We picked up a freshly baked baguette, hand-pulled mozzarella made in house, fresh picked arugula, salumi, and prosciutto. We topped off our sandwiches with fresh pesto and Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise.

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