Marziano Abbona | The Barolo that Started it All

The 2010 Barolo from Marziano Abbona that started our love of wine

The 2010 Barolo from Marziano Abbona that started our love of wine

On our honeymoon in Lake Como, Italy, we decided to take an after dinner walk around Varenna, a beautiful, quaint town in the heart of Lake Como. We stumbled across In Vinis Veritas, a small wine shop hidden in one of Varenna’s many alleyways lined with cute shops and restaurants. The associate who helped us was a rugby player who was surprisingly extremely knowledgeable about wine. He introduced us to the key Italian wine regions and led us through a tasting of Italian wines.

We asked him to suggest the three wines that he would purchase if he only had room for those in his suitcase. One of his recommendations was the 2010 Barolo from Marziano Abbona. After fretting on the plane over whether our wines would make it the long plane ride home, we found a special occasion to open this bottle. The occasion marked the start of our fascination with wine and our love of learning and discovering the great wines around the world.


Appearance: Dark plum red color, bold body.
Taste: Dark cherries and plums bursts to the pallet, followed by hints of graphite, asphalt, and smoke. This wine is not for the faint of heart!
Composition: 100% Nebbiolo
Vintage: 2010
Origin: Piedmont, Italy
Price: $70
Food Pairing: Any hearty red meat dish.
Notes: Be sure to let this full bodied wine decant for at least an hour before drinking. We recommend using the Menu Wine Breather to decant the wine and still pour it out of the bottle.
Rating: 94/100

Nebbiolo Grape

Nebbiolo is the grape variety used in the top red wines of Piedmont, in Northwestern Italy. The two most famous varietals are the Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo wines often have high tannins, high acidity and a nose of tar, roses, and graphite. Most Nebbiolo wines fade with aging, from a deep, dark ruby color to a lovely

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